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"Ultimate Bonding Talk To Your Dog" is the only dog vocabulary training book in the world. Using 111 custom images of everyday things in a dogs life, in the COLORS DOGS SEE, we show you how to teach your dog words and phrases.

For the first time ever you will see what your dog sees. You will learn to communicate with your dog using words it understands. Achieve the "Ultimate Bond" with your furry family member. A bond so strong that it is currently beyond the imagination.

I created this book to share my secret. My little "Chika" knows 100's of words and always wants to learn more.  Time, love, consistence and fun are all it takes.

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120 pages, 300 gsm (110#) wipe clean Art Card paper, .85 kg, (1 lb. 14 oz.), wire-o bound lay flat flip-book.


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