Words have been used almost exclusively for obedience training, e.g., sit, stay.*  


"Ultimate Bonding Talk To Your Dog" advances a new and unique way to train your furry family member. 

It is the only dog vocabulary book in existence. It is the only book that has images in the colors dogs see.


For the first time ever, you see the colors your dog is seeing. Using our 111 custom images in blue, yellow, and grey on an 8"x8" flipbook page, we show you

  how to teach your dog 111 EVERYDAY WORDS and PHRASES in a dog's life, in just 5-10 fun minutes a day.   

Dogs have a natural curiosity about human speech. However, they need to be taught words just like a human child. "Ultimate Bonding" shows you how to teach vocabulary using words with corresponding  images.







      As you learn to communicate using words, behavioral issues will resolve faster, other types of training will become easier. When you can share with your dog using words, you will achieve the "Ultimate Bond" with your dog, something currently beyond imagination!


Dogs like music too; sing along with your dog regularly and see what happens. Here is a tune they love**



View The Below Videos To See A Few Examples of What a Word Trained Dog Can Do.

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       Visitors to this websight spend an average of 14 minutes

          and 20 seconds.

Sing Along

 Dogs are pack animals. They need to know that you will

           protect and care for them as the pack leader. When, you speak

                now your dog only hears noise. If you lived in a household where

       the other members spoke a foreign language that you didn't

         understand, it would be challenging to bond with them.Teach

             your dog everyday words, and there is understanding not noise.


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     Art Mogilefsky has been an amateur dog trainer for over 20 years. He is retired from the San Jose, California Police Department and a member of the State Bar of California. 
     Ultimate Bonding is a labor of love not a profit making enterprise. Art gives 100's of  books away and wishes he had the financial resourses to give free books to dog parents wordwide.
Pup parents deserve to know about this new training method.
    He undertook the creation of the book to make life happier for our canine companions which is passed on to their parents. With his own dog "Chika" the highest compliment he recieves is; "that's a happy dog."
      Please watch the below video to get an idea of the success your word trained dogs can achive.

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8"x8" 120 pages, 110# ArtCard (2x thicker than a premium business card) coated to wipe clean, double wire-o bound, layflat flip-book, 360 degrees, shrink wrapped.

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* Word Training is not a substitute for obedience training.
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  **Sing "Doggie In The Window" to your pup 3-4 times a week. At the end of each verse make a howling sound.
     In the car tap on the windshield and say "window". Your furry friend will be "singing" along before you know it. 

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