"Ultimate Bonding Talk To Your Dog" is the only dog vocabulary book. It advances a new and unique           way to train your furry family member. 


     Dogs Have A Natural Curiosity About Human Speech. They want To Know What You Are Saying.                 Therefore, They Must Be Taught Vocabulary Just Like A  Human Child.


     Using our 111 custom images in the COLORS DOGS SEE, blue, yellow, and grey, we show you how to           teach your dog EVERYDAY WORDS and PHRASES in just 5 minutes a day.


     As you learn to communicate using words, behavioral issues will resolve faster. Other types of training         will become easier. You will be a dog parent and "leader of the pack."


     When you can communicate with your dog using words, you will achieve the "Ultimate Bond" with your       dog. A  bond so strong that it is currently beyond the imagination.  


                                                      View The Below Videos To See A Few

                                                Examples of What a Word Trained Dog Can Do.

How To Use This Book



Hello- My name is Art Mogilefsky, and I live with my Chihuahua mix "Chika" on California's Central Coast. I have been interacting with dogs daily for over 20 years. I have given thousands of dog parents tips on training their pups.

When she was about six months old, I started teaching "Chika" everyday words. She is five now and understands 100's of words, phrases and complete sentences. My bond with her is so strong that it defies belief. If I had to label the relationship I'd say we are partners.

I developed this method of word training so other dog parents would have an opportunity to experience the type of bond I have with my gal.  

Take it one day and one word at a time, and you will achieve the "Ultimate Bond" with your dog. You will obtain a new level of love and companionship beyond your imagination. As a result, you'll be happier, and your dog will be happier. 

I get a lot of compliments about "Chika" the one that means the most to me as a dog parent is, "that's a happy dog."


360 degrees lay flat flip book with 120 pound Artcard pages.


The book is constructed to withstand everday use.


Benson, R. Tacoma

I  likI  like the idea of seeing the same colors my  dog is seeing.e the idea of being able to see the images in the same colors my dog sees.

Ratcliff, T. Singapore

It was slow going at first but with each word learned the next word was faster.

Molosky, L. NYC

My dog has learned about 20 words and I can already feel our relationship changing.